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kitten_lil's Journal
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Friday, March 17th, 2006
4:16 am
i know i promiced a update... the rest of that night...

well i havent been online in the last lil bit...

cause ive been kinda trapped at her house. *giggle*

maybe kept is a better word.

about a week ago i went over to her place, homemade dinner by her, i brought the wine, i kinda forgot what we watched as a movie, i think it was moulon rouge.

after the movie and the food and the bottle of wine i joked she was tring to get me drunk to take advantage of me. to which she smiled kinda mischeviously and asked me if she needed to.

of coarse i said yes.

we started kissing slowly, and she was rubbing the back of my neck and moveing my hair out of the way. she told me to close my eyes.

then i felt the best thing around my neck, and with a lil click i felt it close. i shivered.
then she rang the little bell on it.

i opened my eyes and she had picked out a pretty kitten collar for me with a bell.

i melted.

we held each other and kissed and plaied a lil bit talking and purring and makeing lil promices.
i was on her lap being held trembling from her undressing me slowly.
once i was down to my panties i giggled, and streched. i winked at her then bolted for the bedroom, my lil bell ringing down the hall.

i was kneeling on the bed pretty with a smile on my face when she looked in. i gave her a purred meow.
she walked over and scritched behind my ear, letting me strip her cloaths off. then she leaned back against the pillows and guided my face to her pussy.
i went right to her favorite, the strong quick laps tounge tiped across her clit. in minutes she was lifting her mound up higher breathing deep.

she pulled me away and kissed me. i kneeled licking her from my face and watched her start to slip into her(our) strap on. i watcher her slowly slide the thick part into her then snug it tightly. i crawled forward as she adjusted the straps and batted at it, knowing the movement would be felt inside her as well. (when i wear it, shes gotten me off from jerking it hard, the movement really transfers thru the toy and in perfectly) i kissed it and licked it then sucked and jerked it. she was moaning and watching me, its still too big for me to get all in, but i try. she loves watchen that too. she pulls me off of it with a pop and then streched me out hips on the edge of the bed bum up and pulls my panties to my thighs. she gently brings both arms back and ties them with ribbon. then she clicks a leash on the collars ring.

tugging the leach she comes up behind me, i feel the wet cock head tap my bum as she gets centered. first she pushes it to low, so i feel the thick head slide thru my gooie lips and across my clit. the ridge on the head of it is really pronounced so as she humps it slowly sawing it thru my lips and across my clit it bumps almost like a finger flicking it.

i feel her hands on my hips and the tug of the leash still in hand and it slips up grazeing my twitching opening and she pushes forward. the fat head streching me as she pushes, i groan like a whore as i feel the ridge get past my defences. she stops there just the fat head, just inside and tugs back. i squeese hard trapping it insideand groan louder. she pulls back a lil more and i squeese tighter gasping pleading for her not to pull it out. controling my hips she does agonizingly slowly. i swear i hear it pop. my opening is twitching hard and feels empty.
i beg for it; and she eases it in slowly still crontoling my hips from humping back into it hard. again she slips it out. i ache with the emptyness.
i plead; this time her hands grip me by the hips hard as she slip it in, in biteing the sheets and trying to hump up hard into it. still all i get is the head and to my building fustration she pulls it out.
i whimper; she asks me how much do i want it, the head slips in. im holding my breath and squeesing as hard as i can. i dont answer and she pulls it from me again. i feel my juices ooze out from the squeesing and flowl down my thighs.
i catch my breath. i promice her naughty dirty filthy things with my body. when ive given her enuff she firmly grips my hips her nails diggin in. she whispers "good girl" and pushes the head in as i drool and moan. she doesnt stop, i feel it slide deep into me, i feel the ridge carres every fold inside, my opening sends shocks as every rythmic bump pass thru it. im screaming and have lifted my feet from the floor as she wedges it far in as it can fit (its too long for me). she lays her bodyweight ontop of me and streches me into my tummy.

she tells me to cum.

sparks spirals colors fractals...

im still comeing when reality spins into veiw, shes pounding me hard bounceing me between the matress and her hips. my insides pulsing tight and gushing the last of my squirt. the room smells like hot sex and the sound as the nubed shaft massages my slickness. the thick ridged head feels like a plunger in me, sucking my pussy inside out. shes cumming hard too, i feel it in her hips as she trys to keep the rythem steady. she squeeks and arches back, both of us impailed deep with the shared cock.

but its not just physical, im barely aware of the toy. it feels like her soul is inside of me.

more sparks...

shes holding me, im untied, shes kissing me and promiceing me the world. i futter back into my body to the deep stary night in her eyes. we talk for a long time, we clean each other up slowly. her now takeing care of me.

love, is a strange thing.
and its wonderful.

Current Mood: loved
Sunday, March 5th, 2006
5:45 am
i havent updated in a while.

its been a crazy weird time. lots of stuff has happend. im not going to go into details, cause it would be boaring.

im going to start posting more promice.

the big news!

i have a new other half! well not really new.

i bumped into one of my First GFs ever a couple of months back at the bar.
we had broken up on bad weird terms years ago, so at first the meeting was a lil ackward.
but i thru worry to the wind and huged her, told her how great it was to see her.

as we huged we looked into each others eyes.

next thing i knew we were tounge locked.

it was nerviously cute, we kept stoping and looking at each other, then going in for more.
her hands kept running over my body giveing me shivers, they kept heading for my bum, boobs and thighs.
i could feel myself just drip as we kissed.

just teasing though.

when i got home i was nakkid, and looking at her pics, filled with toys and cumming.
it felt sooooooo good.

we exchanged info, and got into kinda regular IM chatting. talking about what had happend in the years.
kept going back to how much we missed each other.
then of coarse, the remeber when storys...
which then lead to talking about sex...

we were a bunch of firsts for each other.
i was the first girl she ever strap oned.
(i still have it! it was the first one i bought)
she was my first squirter, and she took great pleasure in teaching me.

we went on a coffee date.
never in my life have i been so turned on. we sat talking holding hands, playing footsie...

we talked about the possability of hooking back up.
becomeing lovers again.

more hugs as we parted, and a kiss that made me weak at the knees, she had to hold me up. he had me by both hands at my bum, and i could feel her finger tips digging in.
then she put me on my street car and pated my bum.

i curled up in my seat near the back where it was empty and sliped my hand down my pants, pumped myself with two fingers slow as i road. held off cumming and wobble kneed into my house.
got home and striped to my panties. got out my toy box and put our strap on around Mr. Bear.
(Mr. Bear is a huge stuffed bear that one of my faves for this reason.)
i moved my mirror and fucked myself slowly on him eyes closed thinking of her.

we talked more on IM.
she has really come into her own as a sexual creature, not like how we were. theres lots of things she loves now that i love too... and she credits her getting into them from me.

eventualy (actualy about a month ago) we set a date.
at her house.
for dinner (she cooked) and a movie (i brought).
if anyone wonders it was Saw, she haddent seen it. and we both love horror.

we ate, kisses like teenagers on the couch for a bit, snuggled together and watched the movie.

we were in agreement at the start that it was only dinner and a movie.

but for the part that i was in her arms, she fell back into our old habbit of playing while watching.
(and ill admit i was doing it too)

She loved the movie.

after it, it was kinda late, and we were kissing like teenages again.
then it got deeper, almost desprete. our hands wandering. she got under my skirt and cuped my mound feeling my heat and dampness and i shivered and squeeled.

she looked into my eyes and said.

"Yes, I want to be lovers again, please tell me you want to too..."

i blushed, and noded answering "yes, yes please... god please yes!"

she took control and leaned back and rubed my mound thru my panties almost ruffly. i could feel the fabric slick slide across my puffy acheing mound.

she started asking me questions while she rubbed. about my pussy, that if it was still the baby smooth lil innie pussy that she loved.
(im a innie btw, i dont have much inner lips or a hood. i have the perfect anime line. my outer lips blush deep pink and get really puffy and seal me almost tight.)

i kinda instictivly started to slide into lil girl mode. something i hadent told her about. she kept asking me questions as she rubbed. my eyes half closed whimpering. she just fell into the ageplay soooo perfectly. she got me to tell her about what i did after our meetings. (she used to love watching me and Mr. Bear *giggles*)

she then stoped and brought up her hand to smell me.
"i think its time we went to the bed room."

she got up and helped me up and walked behind me with her hands on my hips all the time nipping at me neck and ears, whispering.

we got to her room and she sat down on the bed and stood me infront. i wiggled slowly for her, running my hands along my body sugestivly, she watched as a slowly striped for her, telling me how hot i looked. she stoped me at my panties and told me to get into bed.

she laied me back in the middle and stradled me. running her hands over my body and kissing licking sucking. takeing breaks to take off her own cloaths.

she niped at my soaked panties and tugged them off with her teeth. she lapped my gooie wetness then pushed in deep flicking up over my throbbing clit. i screamed and shuddered.
she told me to cum for her.
she sucked at my clit the way she used to tounge tip teasingly fluttering, my hips humping up hard. she pushed two slick fingers in my pussy and pressed my gspot hard and sliped another hard into my ass.


like more than squirt. like world ending i blacked out mumbling incoherantly.

i came too with her holding me. then she drooled my cum into my mouth.


theres more. but im so werked up right now i think im going to play.

ill finish the night next post.

Current Mood: horny
Monday, October 31st, 2005
11:22 pm
i know i havent updated in a while.

things are ok i guess.

its halloween...

i keep haveing to promice people i wont leave the house... but no one wants to come over and hang out.

i dont know.
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
5:59 am
im finding love in all the wrong places...

but damn the sex is fucking fantastic!!!

Current Mood: horny
Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
6:20 am
so far the only thing i realy know is i hate sleeping alone.

i always have and i always will.

Current Mood: lonely
Friday, May 13th, 2005
8:32 am
i did something silly yesterday.

i woke up and looked up at my celing and stared right at the second star to the right.

the one he put up there just for us.

i got out his ring and wore it all day.

i... i dont really want him back. well i do, but i want him to come back.
i want him to be good and safe. i want him to be happy.

all i was thinking all day was "be well love".
i hope hes ok. anytime ive felt like this before something bad was going on.

i dont think ill ever know.
im ok with that.
but it will break my heart if somethings wrong.


im such a piehead.

Current Mood: worried
Thursday, May 12th, 2005
1:50 am
thats it...

i fucking give up.

im never ever thinking about likeing someone. im never ever going to even concider a relationship with someone. im never ever going to have sex again with anyone else. im going to spend my next paycheck on lots of toys and im going to retire to being a crazy cat woman when i get older.

people suck.

people that play mind games suck more.

Current Mood: Upset
Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
7:50 pm
im such a ball of confusion.

hes been on my mind alot. tring to get out of that. im tring to deside that im gonna be strong and stay single...
had some crazy monkey sex that only made me want companionship more...

dont know what to do.

though im getting back into the swing of spring, im stoping being such a hermit. i bought myself a new bathing suit.

was at the coffee shop today and drooled alot.

so many people, so much fear to even meet them.


Current Mood: meh
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
9:58 pm
im happily sad.

like i have a ok life. im content with where i am and where im going.
im doing the things i want to do.

just some of its hard. i get these great victorys and im all W00T! and proud and stuff...
but theres no one to really share it with.

and it doesnt have to be him, really sometimes it could be just anyone.
i think really what it is, is im tired of being alone.
im just thinking too much again, still.

doesnt help that a freind of mine just broke up with her boy freind. helping her thru that is a lil weird. cause were all freinds. and their alot alike.
felt strange to give advice based on my own experiances with mine knowing full well they will work with her boy.

the group of people i love are intirely too incestous.

tonight im going out to wiggle. im gonna have a good time damnit!
but i know at the end of the night im comming home alone.
its not sex, that i can get anytime i want, its the emotional connection.
be nice to come home with some one and know their actualy there.

oh well. i should stop typeing and figure out what im wearing. the roomies are getting grumpy.

so, i guess the real question, is the pink hello kittys? or the spandexy thong?


Current Mood: melancholy
Monday, April 18th, 2005
1:23 pm
ive been awake since friday.

mostly my own dumb ass fault though.

things are weird.

i wish i could stop myself from thinking.
Friday, April 15th, 2005
3:20 am
today i broke out of my bad stay at home habbit. like i go out every once in a while but not really.
i hybernated this winter. i snuggled myself into my own little space and just stayed home lots.
was almost getting to the point were i was aggoriphobic in a way.

tonight i went out to my old stoping ground.
it felt weird.

ran into old freinds of mine that were really happy to see me.
were gonna hang out tommorow afternoon.

he was there though.

i tried not to notice.

i got out on the floor to dance. and wiggled my lil tushy.
felt like it used to, i could feel his eyes when he looked.
i wish we could dance together still.

went out and had a smoke, was chatting with the freinds.
he left then.

we made eye contact for a breif second.

i dont know. i wish i was as bullet proof as i seem.
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
7:03 pm
i had a weird night last night. got together with a freind of mine. we hung out and got silly together.

we ended up in bed together, which was nice. i needed the human contact. even if it makes the freindship a little akward.

the thing is when we were done she just held me and petted my head and told me it was gonna be ok.

i found myself crying my little heart out. i let out something that had been inside me for the last 16 months of my life.

god, i miss him sooooo much still. but its not like it should be. i barely remeber him, and i dont feel like i used to.

theres an emptiness in my heart i dont think will ever be filled.

and i dont feel love anymore. for anything.

my sorrow is a bitter cup of tears that overflows.

Current Mood: melancholy
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
6:54 am
i spent most of my weekend sitting at home with my roommates, nothing interesting happend. watched lots of TV and did a whole lot of nothing.

i probably should have went out. but i didnt. just dont really want to spend time witn anyone.
Thursday, April 7th, 2005
5:21 pm

so now the guy ive been trying really hard to get together with is doing the whole whiney "all i want is someone to love meh meh meh" thing.

all i want to do is yell at him and go "HELLLOOOOOOO? WHAT AM I CHOPPED LIVER?"

top that off with one of my freinds being all "im not worthy of freinds"

fuck, what is with people?

might as well just stay at home and wear black and write horrable poety.

its hard trying to keep everyone else up when all i want is the attention.
maybe i should go back to freaken out all the time?


i already know that only gets me hurt.
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
9:20 am
things are still strange.

no word or contact from the new girl in a couple of days. mind you ive been busy working and not doing a heck of alot of scocalizing or spending time online.

i dont know really.

i had love. i lost it. i dont feel comfortable with the idea of risking my heart again to have it.
things were so much simpler when i hated love.

i should just find a next "youll do" and just settle down.

Current Mood: cynical
Monday, April 4th, 2005
11:26 pm
So ive started to kind of see a new girl.
It’s my first time trying to have a relationship with some one since the boy.

It’s not going well.

Like id like to think ive gotten past a bunch of my own issues. And in some ways I have. But there’s a few things that still set me off when im with her. Then there’s all her issues and problems im just starting to discover. Like things were pretty simple at the start. We had some rules and boundaries set out. No I don’t know where those are or what we are to each other. Things were simple when we started. Just fuck buddies. Nothing emotional.

Like in some ways it is my fault, I shouldn’t have gotten involved. But like, she’s having problems and im like, lets talk them out and get thru them. Now she’s pulling the whole, I can’t talk to other people thing. I told her that it’s not like she cant; it’s that she wont. Cold heartedly I thought about telling her suffer in silence or talk it thru, its your choice.

The walk home sucked, even after I told her I was broke and would need bus fare home. I shouldn’t have agreed to go over last night with out making that clearer.

Anyway, I hope springs around the corner. The snow sucked. The party was great but dancing that long and being sober sucked. I hurt.
I want a bath and someone to snuggle with that I feel safe with.
I want to not turn into a cold-hearted snide bitch.
I want...


Too many wants.

I think im going to go and steal the roomies ice cream and have a bath and try to forget about everything.

Current Mood: cynical
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